Koddo&Co. Specializes in Extraordinary Project Management

A consultancy with expertise in financial management, business operations, and orchestrating unique multi-day events, we help socially conscious businesses make an impact and have a healthy profit margin. We work with clients online & in-person.

Hi! I’m Jacinthe Koddo.

I’m the founder of Koddo&Co. and I’ve always loved being at the centre of the action. I thrive working alongside visionary leaders in bustling environments, alive with the buzz of getting things done.

Connecting with people as we work to create something meaningful is the heart and soul of my approach to project management.

I’m a natural leader, especially when it comes to creating order out of chaos. Getting your business organized is what gets me up in the morning, and leading a team to get things done is my idea of fun.

I’m at my best when I’m holding the reins of a complex project, seeing all of the moving pieces at play, and making progress towards a shared goal look effortless.

For most of my busy clients, the thought of setting up impeccable business systems, managing their finances in real-time, or dealing with the details of a complex multi-day event is something they know they need, but don’t have the resources (time, energy, staff) to do on their own. That’s where Koddo&Co. steps in.

We keep our eye on the ball so you don’t have to.

We’ll create the schedule, set up and manage the budget, track your expenses, and get your people set up on just the right project management platform for your needs. We’ll take notes in meetings, assign and track tasks, and identify potential areas of risk before they arise. We’re here to actively pull your goals from the intangible realm of “great ideas” into a reality that supports your business growth… and makes your life easier.



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